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Doctor Day March 1969 speech deconstructed

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Opperman Report: Randy Engel, The Rite Of Sodomy Homosexuality and The Roman Catholic ChurchToday joining your host Ed Opperman is Randy Engel to discuss her views and book “The Rite Of Sodomy Homosexuality and The Roman Catholic Church”. Randy Engel has also written the book “Sex Education: The Final Plague”. During the show she talks about her sources saying “... I had gone into Dr. Dengan's office and we had talked about this tape and that's when he reveled to me what Dr. Day had said “Here. Here Randy, here's a copy of the tape.” , and I made the mistake actually of putting the tape into the tape deck and listening to it on the way home. And I can honestly tell the audience that had a very difficult time keeping the car on the road, because the tape was so damning, and what was in the lecture was so damning, it was so horrific it was kind of beyond the pale."Randy Engel's book “The Rite Of Sodomy Homosexuality and The Roman Catholic Church is available to buy at New Angle Publishing. more information from Randy Engle visit her website: podcast of The Opperman Report aired from KYAH 540 am radio Utah on 2018 February 11th and is available with more great shows at Youtube: for exclusive content you won't get anywhere else visit the Opperman Report Member Section and Special Archive: