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Do You Smell BBQ in Calgary? Walk For Freedom - Nov 28,2020 Do You Smell BBQ in Calgary? Walk For Freedom - Nov 28,2020

Do You Smell BBQ in Calgary? Walk For Freedom - Nov 28,2020

1 year
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#Calgary #News #EndTheCanadianLockdowns
Wait... do you smell BBQ? There were nearly 2,000 people braving chilly winds to take part in freedom in #yyc #Calgary on Saturday.

This is directly in spite of Dictator Kenny and Nenshi who have without question elevated themselves to Human Rights abusers and Criminals. This is growing in response to the Communist strong arm tactics being employed by said criminals and threats of up to $250,000 dollar fines to actual servants like Pastor Artur who is guilty of feeding the homeless and vulnerable. Their perspective is that this is a crime spree they must stop.This is the "New Normal" they are hell bent on creating in Canada.

These two are conspiring, yes CONSPIRING to murder Albertans with their totalitarian and nonsensical bylaws. Things are peaceful and full of love, this is what terrifies the establishment far more than the Covidiocy. They just CAN'T have that now can they.

The tiring truth is that they have been calling us all dangerous radicals for so long without it working that they must now escalate to stay in the good graces of the globalist handlers they answer to. In Nenshi's case the Rockefeller's, and for Kenny the Agha Khan.

Today's "news" in Calgary is saying that organizers will be charged, time to take apart some publicly funded and criminal enterprises... by that I mean Main Stream Fiction content creators. They are incapable of truth so have no purpose to exist.

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