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Excess Mortality - What You Aren't Being Told 🤫 Excess Mortality - What You Aren't Being Told 🤫

Excess Mortality - What You Aren't Being Told 🤫

1 year
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PCR tests maybe problematic, but you cannot deny excess mortality...or can you?


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1. CGTN - On the Scene | Disinfection at Wuhan's old town complex amid the coronavirus epidemic
2. CBS This morning: Italy struggles to find space for bodies despite flattening virus curve
3. Lockdowns more harmful than disease:
4. Euromomo excess mortality stats:
5. AMM (France) re: Hydroxychloroquine overdose rate:
6. Hydroxychloroquine - usual dose:
6. Dr Klaus Köhnlein:
7. UK Column:
8. UK Column on YT:
9. Years of Life Lost:
10. Dr Klaus Püschel: (pay-walled)
11. John Ioannidis or Covid YLL:
12. PANDA - Lockdowns may cause 29 times more deaths:
13. WHO Case definition of Covid-19:
14. Hendrik Streeck comments: (pay-walled)
15. NY Post - Deaths as ‘Covid-19’ deaths regardless of cause:
16. Senator Dr Scott Jensen whistle-blowing on Covid-19 death certificates and payments:
17. US HHS Document to Doctors on Covid-19 deaths:
19. Jennifer Cabrera - Death Certificates and Covid-19:

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