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Madness at Wholefoods! Almost ARRESTED over the Mask!

Madness at Wholefoods! Almost ARRESTED over the Mask! Madness at Wholefoods! Almost ARRESTED over the Mask!
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Uncle Odd
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Stand up to tyranny! I really wasn't looking for a show but they sure gave me one!

Say hi to Fred the manager who called the police, & Nick the supervisor who stopped the transaction in violation of discrimination laws at Whole Foods,
8402 Old Keene Mill Rd,
Springfield, VA 22152
+1 703-644-2500

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0:01 -Attention grabbing intro
1:30 - Entering the store maskless
2:00 - Getting stalked by a creep who
wants me to hide my face
3:29 - Threatened to call the cops
3:55 - "Spreading 'Rona"
4:10 - Opening a sealed container
5:00 - Attempting to check out
5:30 - Almost fooled the cashier
5:50 - Denied service
7:55 - Police engage the "threat"
11:14 - He wants to shoot my face
11:25 - Threatened with ARREST
12:30 - Problem resolved, but at what
15:07 - Educating the Nazis

My previous Whole Foods video had no issues.

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