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Wall Street Bets, GME, Ripple, #SilverSqueeze and Mask In...

Wall Street Bets, GME, Ripple, #SilverSqueeze and Mask Insanity Wall Street Bets, GME, Ripple, #SilverSqueeze and Mask Insanity
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Banker man tells you you’re going to start cutting yourself and doing self harm when you make money and he does not:
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CDC Announces Two Layers of Masks Be Worn On ALL Public Transportation:
Fauci 2 weeks ago: Wearing two masks makes "common sense" Fauci now: No data indicates that that is going to make a difference:
Italian Restaurants All Open:
Vienna antilockdown protest 31/01/21 - Police Remove Helmets In Solidarity With Crowds:
Ancap Protesters in Denmark take to the streets to protest authoritarian lockdowns:
Swiss Referendum
Tony Robbins Gets It: