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Richard Boots Rick From Fakeologist Richard Boots Rick From Fakeologist

Richard Boots Rick From Fakeologist

1 year
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The full six-hour audio is here (drama begins 1hr14m):

Rick is a much-loved Member of Fakeologist who has been active there for three or four years. He is based in Newcastle, Australia, and is good friends irl with Rollo, an Australian who has been on Fakeologist pretty much since it began. Rick and Rollo usually do a weekly show together on Saturdays, livestreamed via fakeologist dot com.

Richard is a newcomer who claims to have been on Fakeologist for years but has only been active for a few months. He is based in Manchester, England, and claims to have previously worked for the UN. Richard is now on the Fakeologist discord server basically every day, running what he describes as a 'virtual pub'.

Richard likes to have a bottle of wine or two when doing his 'virtual pub' livestreams on Fakeologist. Oftentimes he gets a little tipsy and starts talking over people, or trying to control the conversation. If anybody calls him out on this behaviour, Richard claims to have a 'brain injury', which apparently makes him impervious to criticism.

It seems that Rick doesn't believe this cover story, and called Richard out on it on a recent discord chat. Unfortunately for Rick, Richard is now the moderator of the Fakeologist discord server, and is more than willing to boot people who don't respect his authoritah, as you hear for yourself in this clip.

Interpersonal dramas are par for the course in the ACT realm, especially on the fakeologist server. In situations like this, nasty things tend to be said, alliances form, and well-meaning folk leave the server altogether, because they are not interested in getting caught up in the middle of the drama.

The owner of the fakeologist virtual pub, Ab, generally leaves it up to the patrons to solve their problems on their own. He also gives his volunteer publicans (the moderators) the power to boot people from the server. At the moment, Richard is in that position, which means this new Richard vs Rick drama may take longer to resolve than usual.

JLB's position on this is that he misses the good old days of the Rick and Rollo Show, and hopes that it returns soon.

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