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Ep.240 | Exposing the mass hypnosis being use on us Ep.240 | Exposing the mass hypnosis being use on us

Ep.240 - Exposing the mass hypnosis being use on us

1 year
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Since this whole scam started I have been feeling people are mind controlled, under a spell, charm or incantation. I have continued to wonder how and what methods are being employed.

I got this email from Brian and wanted to share it, and his content with you to expose part of what is being done to psychologically manipulate people.

"I have been professional hypnotist for 25 plus years. And used to be a fulltime stage hypnotist. I was shocked when the pandemic first kicked off as I realised the gov were using almost the exact same techniques I was using working theatres. A few months ago I did a fb live breaking down the psychological manipulation used.

You might find it interesting."

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