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👉 Send To Loved Ones 😷

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Uncle Odd
1 year
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This is Uncle Odd’s first video of his not-yet-banned YouTube account. Please sub and share with others. IMPORTANT 👉 subscribe immediately to and join our AMAZING discussion group...we welcome you to become part of the you’ll always be able to find me after the kick me off again simply for telling the truth.

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Uncle Odd
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There is an ‘Uncle Odd’ in every family.

He or she is the one relegated to the Little Kid’s Table at Thanksgiving because the “adults” just can’t handle “one more conspiracy-related conversation.” In my case, the kid’s couldn’t enunciate ‘Todd’ “Uncle Odd” it became. I wear the title with pride.

Uncle Odd has a gift of distilling down complicated subject matter to a level that even HE will understand. This is why you NEVER want to miss his rants. Moreover, he’s tenacious at getting guests on the show who are cutting edge when it comes to media fakery, exposing BS, speaking truth to power and pissing off...censors.

Uncle Odd’s social media channels are where you come (and SEND OTHERS) to BREAK THE SPELL currently cast on this brainwashed world. Make sure you are subscribed to to always stay informed of his whereabouts (as he is often banned).

Remember, “conspiracy” is nothing more than simply figuring out WHO and WHAT is causing what we are witnessing right now.

Uncle Odd is not a “conspiracy theorist”...he’s a CONSPIRACY FACTUALIST!

WELCOME to the Little Kid’s Roundtable!

— Uncle Odd

Additional Info

The Great Reset for Dummies (note “behavior modification”):

👹 THE NWO WORLD TAKEOVER AGENDA (these demons HAVE to tell us what they’re scheming):

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