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Snitch-o-rama (Helen of desTroy w/ Maryam Henein, Oct 6)

Snitch-o-rama (Helen of desTroy w/ Maryam Henein, Oct 6)

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3 weeks
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originally filmed Oct 6 - this was removed along with the rest of Maryam's channel shortly thereafter. we discuss the Cult of Corona, the snitchfest it has unleashed, the cartoonish violence that has become the bizarre norm of on-camera police behavior post-George Floyd, & the utter failure of the world to 'resist' as the Orwellian boot stomps on their faces.
Maryam can be found on Twitter at @maryamhenein and honeycolony.com, i am at @velocirapture23 and helenofdestroy.com
please subscribe on Bitch Ute bitch ute.com / helenofdestroy (remove the spaces) for when YT inevitably nukes this channel, too


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