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EXPLICIT RANT ALERT! Don’t mind me if I let off some steam. Don’t mind me that I’m trying to wake you the hell up. Don’t mind me when I tell you there’s a fire in your basement while you continue to paint the roof. Ignore the facts and suffer the consequences. Shoot the messenger and never get the message. Many of us are in this boat—trying to wake up our relatives and friends who continue to engage in banal pleasantries and materialistic endeavors. We grind our axes as they tiptoe through the tulips. We don’t want to have to say “I told you so,” but for many, we had better practice how we want to say it: With malice, or sympathy? I choose sympathy…but still it will be: “See…I told you so.” For the best protection, and to regain your status and standing as a Private Man/Woman operating PRIVATELY in the commercial world of fiction, please inquire via email @ Become a Secured Party. Take control of your transmitting utility—your “Strawman.” Protect yourself from an overreaching “government.” This intensive process is handled by us start-to-finish with limited Power of Attorney. My more recent videos get into these protections in detail—it’s where my educational process lead me. Let us take care of you, so you can start properly taking care of yourself and your family. The “government” has no authority over you. Now put that FACT on the Public Record. —Secured Services Co. My Bitchute vid of White House's Deborah Birx and Illinois's Dr. Ngozi Ezike CONFESSING to the fraud: