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Winning The COVID Lockdown Fight | LandedKing Special News Report On Civil Disobedience

Winning The COVID Lockdown Fight | LandedKing Special News Report On Civil Disobedience

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In the Last LandedKing special news report in Canada we covered corruption, violence against reporters, mass protests across canada and more.

Today is November 25th 2020, & this LandedKing Special News Report will cover significant developments in the COVID Lockdown situation.

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The various governments in canada are attempting to lock down again, round 2 or 3 depending how you count it.

The USA and Canada are both on the verge of forming mobs resisting police.

In this video we quickly cover an incident in Buffalo New York where a restaurant stayed open defying health orders, and the people of the area used civil disobedience to push the police and bureaucrats out of the business.

Next we cover The Adamson Barbecue in Toronto Ontario Canada. The Adamson Barbecue stayed open defying health orders. A mass protest erupted in support, surrounding the business & insulating it from the police. Adamson has remained open, and by all indications sold out of all food. Thanks to the post millennial for filming the clips and uploading them to Twitter https://thepostmillennial.com/

After that we watch a video from Steinbach Manitoba Canada. In Steinbach there is a church which has reopened, defying Manitoba health orders. The police came to the church in Steinbach, and told them they were violating the health order.

The Steinbach churche stood their ground against the health tyrants, and the police left with their tails between their legs. The constitution wins again!

we all need to take to the streets and demonstrate noncompliance. Go hang out at a business that is staying open in defiance of health orders.


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