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Original by MrE3000.
The Ambassador and representative to IAEA of Chile, confessed in his book*;
1994, (West) Germany, I'm sitting in a room in the house of a German Scientist. His wife and few friends are present too.
It's hard for me to believe the revelations I just heard. These people are atomic scientists, their research takes place in the most advanced center of the country, maybe the most specialized that exists in the world.
They just told me "The atomic bomb does not exist".
"And the French explosions in Bikini atoll?" I asked. "Underwater explosions".
I insist on arguing.
"I've been Ambassador of my country to the International Atomic Energy Agency, based on Vienna and I had acquired 'enriches uranium' for the experimental Chilean reactor."
"And you, have seen that uranium?"
"Truly...No. Tell me, all your colleagues think like you in the experimental research center? Do all believe the atomic bomb does not exist?"
"Only fifty percent. Half of them"
* "Manu, por el hombre que vendrá, 1991, Serrano, Miguel". Selected passages loosely translated from Spanish by me, pages 31-33.
1.)Only 50 percent of the workers at the Chilean Atomic Research Center believe that nuclear bombs exist. Why are the insiders more skeptical than the general public is?
2.)Look up photos of Hiroshima and Nagasaki post bomb drop, and then look up photos of a firebombing attack.
3.)Build up a stack of TNT big enough, detonate it, and it will create a mini mushroom cloud. Now zoom in on said explosion to see how big that mushroom cloud gets.
4.)When was the last time a Nuclear Bomb has gone off that involves witness testimony?
5.)Vegetation grew back in Hiroshima a week after the explosion. What happened to the Nuclear Fallout?
6.)We are always fear mongered about the "inevitability" of fallout radiation traveling overseas from Japan to give U.S citizens cancer.
However, to this day, Japan has a marginally lower cancer rate than citizens of the United States.
If nuclear fallout radiation is present in Japan to this day, and is to travel from Japan to give U.S citizens cancer to this day, why does Japan have a marginally lower cancer rate than the United States to this day?
7.)Fusion between Hydrogen into Helium has never been proven in a lab to this day.
8.)Have you ever seen a Nuke outside of television and movies? Do you know anybody or know anybody who knows anybody that has died from one?
9.)If all of these countries are bitter enemies of one another, and they all have access to these doomsday devices, would we really be here right now in all intellectual honesty?
10.)Did you know that it's 100% Illegal to deny the existence of Nuclear bombs in USA, UK, Japan, Korea, etc etc etc. WHY IS THAT??