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The Politicians and the Media are Laughing At All the Suckers... Meanwhile, We Getting Rich off dat'

The Politicians and the Media are Laughing At All the Suckers... Meanwhile, We Getting Rich off dat'

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A 10pm curfew on NYE in Florida: https://twitter.com/BerwickJeff/status/1345095337371783168
DeBlasio dances in Empty Times Square: https://twitter.com/NYCMayorsOffice/status/1344897547370954753
CNN Drunk and Laughing at the Tax Slaves: https://twitter.com/CurtisHouck/status/1344875054102929409
DeBlasio’s wife wears pedophile symbol facemask: https://twitter.com/kate_awakening/status/1345034577308307456/photo/3
No words can describe this, a person disinfecting the air. COVIDIOT would be an understatement: https://twitter.com/100purebs/status/1344461022220808192
Hundreds of people in Florida are camping out overnight outside the Fort Myers Stars Complex to mark their number in line to get the covid-19 vaccine: https://twitter.com/WarOnHumanity20/status/1344704178116059136
They forgot the bloke at the back: https://twitter.com/MARCOFREE2020/status/1329548270599860226
Croydon hospital in South London deserted. The NHS is at breaking point: https://twitter.com/TomWho4/status/1344707757094670338
Woman Arrested For Filming Empty Hospital: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/anti-lockdown-activist-arrested-dressing-23248926
London Underground,People are waking up: https://twitter.com/ninnyd101/status/1344438556354293762
Peter Schill: https://twitter.com/Cryptanzee/status/1345365030783442947


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