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Like a Rolling Stone

Like a Rolling Stone Like a Rolling Stone
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On December 14th 2020, Rolling Stone magazine published an *incredible* piece of satire by EJ Dickson that featured... *me*, showcasing my work advocating for women's reproductive rights, bodily sovereignty, and medical freedom.

The story was something to behold--written with unmistakable sarcasm, and impressively pithy insouciance. Quite the article! Here it is:

Honestly, I never thought I would find such immense success and notoriety. Thank you *so* very much, again, to Rolling Stone magazine and EJ Dickson for the *wonderful* opportunity to be featured in your laudable publication.

Here is my long-awaited (I’m sure) response. I also mention Dr. Christiane Northrup in this video--I'm a huge fan.

One quick thing though, that I failed to mention in this video: In the article, EJ Dickson states that when she reached out to me for comment, she received no reply, which is curious, because I combed through my email folders, and my DMs on Instagram, and there doesn’t seem to be any record whatsoever of her approaching me for an interview in the first place! Strange, isn’t it?

In any case, please consider supporting my work:

I am 100% independent, not beholden to any corporate interests, and I promise, I will never *ever* stop standing for what I believe is right, and just, and true. (And btw--I am not, in any way shape or form, suicidal, just fyi). xo

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