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Freelea Banana Girl's banned video

Freelea Banana Girl's banned video Freelea Banana Girl's banned video
2 years 782 Views

Freelee's recent truthful video about COVID-19 got REMOVED from youtube because it is seen as "inappropriate content" by youtube. Youtube is clearly and openly censoring anything challenging the mainstream propaganda. Youtube have already been "shadow-banning" Freelee's content since 2016 and fortunately videos have not been removed until now.Freelee lives Off Grid in a Food Forest and it is important for you to consider doing the same.Freelee's new channel: Till 4 Diet eBook: https://thebananagirl.comMy new Vegan Lunchbox eBook is here!: https://thebananagirl.comGo Fruit Yourself eBook, Weight loss on RAW FOOD: https://thebananagirl.comMi libro en español!: https://www.thebananagirl.comInstagram: @freeleethebananagirlScript of the first part of the video:so im going to talk about this whole corona situation in more detail and it’s not going to be pretty. Being self-sufficient and aiming for the off grid lifestyle is more important than ever. As I warned back in December in this video. We are now seeing shortages on supermarket shelves, cities have become giant concrete prisons in lockdown controlled by the government and military (which you, the citizen, are allowing to happen). there is now huge unemployment, the economy is in tatters and we are entering a recession worse than world war 2. Yes, it’s fast becoming the biggest government spending response and public debt blowout since World War II. Let me note: anything I share in this video is not fear-mongering, it’s based on research but I encourage you to be a critical thinker and research any claims I make or just feel them out.So what I see as a deliberate over-reaction from the world leaders to this supposed “pandemic” is actually a taste of what will become the normal state of living if we allow it. Your movement, food, work and socializing will be restricted. Yes, beyond this pandemic time. Many of you have been banned from beaches even, my mum and dad included, they can’t go to their local beach for a walk, to bath in the salt water and soak in the sunshine, an environment which ironically can kill viruses. The fear being created around this situation is unjustified, and worse, from my research, deliberate. I am not a conspiracy theorist or whatever, I’m just a concerned human being facing an uncertain future and want to be well prepared and informed. So you might be saying but we need to self isolate! They told us it’s vital! Well hang about, I’m going to talk about that soon.