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Amandha Vollmer Amandha Vollmer

Amandha Vollmer

1 year
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🚨THE Video That Must Not Be Seen!


Amandha Vollmer joined Uncle Odd and Ab the Fakeologist on The Uncle Odd Show to discuss boogie virus topics that cannot be discussed. Immediately after airing, YouTube deleted Uncle Odd’s channel. 


No surprise there. 


THAT’S why there is FakeOtube...where banned videos take refuge. 


Trying to wake someone up? Send a link to THIS video. Let Amandha speak magic to their hearts and minds. Spread this video everywhere you can. THIS interview is what NEEDS to be heard worldwide. 


Subscribe to the FakeOtube newsletter to get alerts to when Uncle Odd will go live. He will begin live-streaming here. Screw YouTube. 


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Also, Uncle Odd will continue to haunt YouTube. All you need to do is search for Uncle Odd and subscribe to whatever channels you find. Easy-peasy.


And remember, there is no pandemic and never was. It’s all a lie.