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Stefan Molyneux and Alex Jones EXPOSED as 9/11 Gatekeepers -- Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux Exposed

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Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux exposed as gatekeepers of the 9/11 conspiracy / inside job. Stefan Molyneux and Alex Jones exposed as shills / sell-outs / gatekeepers / agents of disinformation / controlled opposition.

They do not want their audience to ask serious questions regarding key events like September 11 or to talk about otherwise known and easily identifiable criminal policymakers and groups of influence.

Both Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux who incidentally are longtime collaborators have declared that based on the evidence 9/11 was a conspiracy / inside job. Both Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux flip-flopped around the same time.

Also, aside from the 9/11 conspiracy, Alex Jones' main narrative is those to blame are always a group of mysterious globalists and mystical illuminati nonsense, while according to Stefan Molyneux, it all boils down to the inherently immoral evil yet imaginary entity of the government (at least it used to be the case -- things changed when he too figured he could make lots of $$$ by leaping onto the Trump bandwagon).


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