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Study Un Vaccinated Children are Healthier than Vaccinated

Study Un Vaccinated Children are Healthier than Vaccinated

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Board-certified pediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas (“Dr. Paul”) is one of the preeminent children’s health specialists and authors in the U.S. Uniquely, he is also a diplomat of the American Board of Addiction Medicine and a fellow of The American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine.There’s a reason why Dr. Paul has hundreds of thousands of followers. Actually, there are many reasons.
​Dr. Paul is a passionate advocate for progressive healthcare for children and their parents. (He and his wife are parents to nine children, six of whom they adopted.)
Dr. Paul is also dedicated to helping adolescents, teens and adults overcome drug and alcohol dependence and addictive behaviors. His mission is to provide vital information, resources and guidance to help children and their parents live healthy, productive lives. Dr. Paul has over half a million followers throughout the world who are guided by his advice on integrative, progressive health care and nutrition for children and their parents. Dr. Paul is author of the best-selling book, The Vaccine-Friendly Plan published by Ballantine Books. His new book, The Addiction Spectrum, is being published by HarperOne, September 4th 2018.
Show highlights:
Dr. Paul Thomas is an Oregon pediatrician who had his license suspended for telling the truth about MMR vaccines.
He’s the co-author of The Vaccine-Friendly Plan (2016) and The Addiction Spectrum (2018), but what got him into trouble was his revealing 2020 study comparing highly-vaccinated children against unvaccinated ones — a study concluding that “vaccinated children appear to be significantly less healthy than the unvaccinated.”
Dr. Thomas studied “real patients;” the study was “not a meta-analysis.”
What toxic ingredients are in vaccines? What short-term and long-term side effects do vaccines have? Dr. Thomas provides facts, the very thing that got him into trouble with Oregon’s medical bureaucracy in the first place.
Dr. Thomas had practiced medicine successfully for 30 years before he was shut down. He was known affectionately by his patients as “Dr. Paul.”
Why are other doctors not so concerned about vaccinations? Are they taught in medical school about the ingredients and side effects in vaccinations or are they merely sales reps for the pharmaceutical industry?
Why is the aluminum in vaccines so toxic? What is it doing in there anyway? How serious a problem is aluminum accumulation?
What is meant by the CDC’s “standard of care”? Why is “informed consent” so threatening to their over-the-top profits? Why are we — doctors included — kept in the dark about “risks and benefits”?
Why would most pediatricians go out of business if they were honest with their patients about the ingredients and side effects of vaccines?
A pediatrician can lose over a million dollars a year if he doesn’t follow the CDC’s schedule. It’s close to impossible to stay in business without this windfall.
Are all vaccines unsafe or is the combination and scheduling of vaccines that makes them so toxic?
What happens when a specific disease gets put on the vaccine timetable? “Once it gets put on the schedule, good luck taking it off,” mocks Dr. Thomas.
Patrick and Dr. Thomas discuss the alleged Covid pandemic. “We have an epidemic of false positives,” says Dr. Thomas. “You don’t have to test someone who’s not sick.”
Vaccine passports are already a reality in Israel. They’re definitely coming to the U.S. soon. Dr. Thomas lived in South Africa during apartheid when you needed a passport to go from one city to the next, so he warns us all about how bad it’s going to get.
Patrick asks, “What are you doing during your long-term vacation?” Dr. Thomas laughs, and describes his ongoing enterprises.
“Medical boards are political. They answer to no one. It’s a kangaroo court.”
Do vaccines work at all without aluminum? Are disease viruses in vaccines worthless without aluminum? What is the half-life of aluminum?
There are hundreds of bad-outcome vaccination stories that need to be shared. “You can’t blame yourself for what you don’t know, but once you know, you better do better,” affirms Dr. Thomas.
What role does mercury play in vaccines? Why was it finally phased out from all other vaccines except for flu?
The pharmaceutical lobby is the largest lobby in the world. Billions of dollars are at stake, if not trillions. It’s a massive dollar-making enterprise. “We’ve exported our insanity to the rest of the world,” laments Dr. Thomas.
The CDC is just a marketing firm for Big Pharma. Vaccines are an ATM for pharmaceutical companies. “Do they really want us to be well and not need their products?”
Why have autoimmune diseases increased exponentially? Why are people’s own bodies now attacking them? Why is there an epidemic of brain inflammation?
What is the self-perpetuating cycle of profit? The Number 1 moneymaker is drugs for inflammation. The Number 2 moneymaker is the cancer


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