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Rob Boutilier -Canadians Who Support Lockdowns Don't Care About Our Children.

Rob Boutilier -Canadians Who Support Lockdowns Don't Care About Our Children. Rob Boutilier -Canadians Who Support Lockdowns Don't Care About Our Children.
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In Canada, in 2019 there were 1.9 million calls to the Children’s Help Line. 2020 that number more than doubled to over 4 million. That’s 4 million calls to the children's helpline, to put that in perspective there are approximately 7 million Canadian children under the age of 17.

#SaveOurChildren #JustSayNo #NoMoreLockDowns

Every single day they received 10 calls related to active suicide attempts that required police intervention. 10 calls. Every Single Day.

In 2020 the leading cause of death became suicide for children aged 10-14. Think about these poor babies who felt so alone and damaged, that they had no other choice but to kill themselves. Terrifying. Terrifying.

Children have been taken out of school for extended periods, they’ve had sports taken away from them. When they are in school they are exposed to a regiment of mask-wearing, hand sanitizing, and social distancing. We are covering their faces, the source of all of their expression, and intentionally distancing them from their friends.

And the hand sanitizing. I’ve seen the hands of my kids red and irritated from exposure to hand sanitizer. It's heartbreaking.

We are teaching our children to fear human contact, and fear exposure to the world around them. This. Is. Pure. Evil.

Now, think about the erosion of our rights and freedoms, how much has been taken away over the last year. We’ve accepted it, Canadians have given up. There is an immediate impact on our lives, the lives of Canadian adults. But think about the future, where this has become even more normal. Who is going to suffer, who is going to have their rights severely limited? It's going to be our children, as they grow older they will have fewer rights than we enjoyed when we grew up.

How about higher taxes? Under Trudeau, the total debt of Canada has doubled. In the first 150 years, Canada accumulated around 600 billion dollars of debt. It costs 20 billion per year to maintain that debt. Under Trudeau, that amount will have doubled by the end of 2021. How do you think that will impact our children? They will pay higher and higher taxes in the future and will have less prosperity. Every dollar Canadians receive from the government that is not sourced from tax revenue is a dollar our children will be stuck paying back.

Canadians who support lockdowns don’t care about our children, that’s one thing that’s become brutally obvious through this whole pandemic.