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Nuclear Bomb Hoax Eric Dubay

2 years 3.4K Views
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The only thing Rockets take to space is our imagination. and we don't come from rock soup or fish.
The Earth is a ball that spins, and Wobbles at 1040 miles per hour, it also orbits the Sun at 66,600 miles per hour.    
The sun is moving in the Milky Way galaxy at 514,000 miles per hour.  The milky way galaxy is shooting off the big bang approximately 1,700 times the speed of sound, at  1,300,000 mph theoretically and no one feels a thing.
  And the constellations never change, and Polaris is always in the same spot.
      Is all held together by a magical force called Gravity, because an Apple fell on Issac Newtons head.
Can't forget the other Occultist Copernicus, Darwin, Kepler, Columbus, Pythagoras, etc. And the Actornots. Thank you for putting us on a cartoon ball.
These occultist secret societies probably go back to the begining of written history which is about 5000 years old.
    We get most of our programming and understanding of space from satanic Hollywood or television. Oh yeah and we evolved from fish lol.
   Or maybe the Bible is right and we live under water, under a firmament, with the sun, the moon, and stars all in the dome kind of like the lost city of Atlantis.
Heaven is above and Hell is below. Just like every civilizations before us knew. Egyptians, Vikings, Greeks, Romans, Mayans, Incas, Mongolians, Seminoles etc.
Read the first 20 sentences of the Bible I dare you, double dare you, triple dare you.
The horizon is horinzontal, and sea level is levelled. Lol
Love IGER Television.
Here is Venus, Vega, Mars, and Neptune.
With a Nikon P900 camara.
If you can entertain the theory that all other civilizations had besides this super smart smart one that knows how to Regurgatate theories and stream netflix real well. Here is a film called Impossiball
It's spreading like wildfire. I just converted to #geocentric in january. i tought the #heliocentrichoax model was real for over 35 years. I hope the next generation doesnt take as long to figure it out. The #bible is real #heaven is above us and #hell is below us. The firmament does exist even wikipidia has a page about it. We were deceived. #God bless you and good luck on your quest for thruth.
I got a dumass comment everything you see in television is true and the government never lies to you lol lol lol lol lol
One World Government UN
One world currency Visa RFID chip
One world Relegion Scientism
The belief that the #bigbanghoax and evolutionhoax are facts not theories.
Dont let them microship you. We dont come from fish or soup and #spacemightbethefinalfrontierbutitsmadeinahellywoodbasement And even 12 year olds known celebrities sell their soul to the devil aka #illuminati is common knowledge now. #researchflatearth firmament wanderingstars #Godscreation #impossiball #flatearth #moonlandinghoax
#researchflatearth wanderingstars evolutionhoax #Godisreal #nasalies #moonhoax