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Taalam Acey - True Lies

2 years 220 Views
A taste of the upcoming GNN doc, American Blackout

If GNN produced 60 Minutes, Taalam Acey would be our Andy Rooney.

A true guerrilla collaboration to give audiences a taste of what to expect from the soon to be released documentary, American Blackout directed by GNN's Ian Inaba. Set to premiere at Sundance 2006 the feature length film follows the career of Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and investigates the current tactics used to control our democratic process and silence political dissent. This piece originally inspired by the book of the same name, features Taalam Acey's ever potent prose deftly matched by the animation of Haik Hoisington and scored to the music of another GNN ally, The Soulsavers.

Recommended Dosage: 3-4 views as needed. Best results if taken 30 minutes prior to television consumption.

Poem: Taalam Acey
Animation: Haik Hoisington
Music: The Soulsavers
Editing: Ian Inaba
Compositing: Anson Vogt
Directed by: Ian Inaba and Anson Vogt