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Did the Global Mafia Burn It Down?

Did the Global Mafia Burn It Down? Did the Global Mafia Burn It Down?
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I discuss some curiosities surrounding a huge fire that destroyed 90% of a town called Lytton. Is the province being punished for lifting COVID restrictions?
***************Visit My Website here: THANK YOU for watching!********************* Did a famous philanthropist start the flames to cover up findings of widespread injection injuries? Was this a stunt meant to boost the Climate Change narrative? Was it arson, a train, HAARP or cell towers?
VIDEO: Interview with Dr. Hoffe (Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson):
CBC Lytton Fire Human Caused:
Chuch Burnings Understandable:
Independent article on Lytton Fire:
Technocracy News: HAARP issues NOTAM:
1996 article: HAARP can alter weather and disrupt communications:
TELUS sets up emergency comms in Lytton, only for fire crews etc:
MAP OF CELL TOWERS: ;amp;lng=-121.540546&zoom=13&type=Roadmap&layers=a&pid=0
Cell Towers burning List:
CNBC Bill Gates Best Investment: