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Do Germs Cause Disease?  The Germ Theory Under the Microscope Do Germs Cause Disease?  The Germ Theory Under the Microscope

Do Germs Cause Disease? The Germ Theory Under the Micros...

1 year
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Modern Medicine posits that the tinier an organism is, the more threatening it is to human health, despite biology explaining that all Life evolved from these tiny organisms, often called "germs". In this video, Natural Hygiene experts discuss the mistaken philosophy of Medicine, the fallacy of the "germ theory", true biology, the true nature of health and disease, and how health is easily created and maintained by following sensible life habits while avoiding harmful practices.

Video Contents
0:00 Introduction
7:05 Antoine Bechamp’s Discoveries
7:40 The Microzyma
8:10 What did Bechamp reveal that the microzyma could do?
11:15 How is bacteria created inside the human body?
12:30 Pleomorphism
15:35 Are bacteria independent entities running amok in the body?
17:15 Pasteur’s Beliefs and Claims
19:25 Is there really “good” bacteria and “bad” bacteria?
20:54 Koch’s Postulates
27:10 Antibodies
30:29 Antibiotics
31:45 Can one human’s bacteria act upon another human?
33:27 Fermented Foods
35:55 Alternative explanations for people getting sick at the same time
37:33 Chicken pox parties
39:45 Skin Detox Events
43:29 Childhood Cancer
45:00 Toxemia vs the “disease” labels of Allopathy
46:50 Viruses
53:15 Exosomes
57:50 Bioterrorism - Lab Made Viruses
1:00:50 Measles and Polio
1:07:30 HIV/AIDS
1:12:50 Cold/Flu Drugging
1:16:25 Benefit of Vaccines
1:21:10 PCR “test”
1:23:50 Natural Hygiene
1:25:28 The Purpose of Disease Symptoms
1:27:22 Chronic Disease
1:31:15 Losing Sense of Taste or Smell
1:33:13 Shortness of breath
1:35:24 Specific Foods creating Specific Symptoms
1:37:10 Parasites
1:42:45 Teeth - Do bacteria cause cavities?


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