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The Big Pharma Scamsters And Their Enablers, All Part Of The Maskerade

The Big Pharma Scamsters And Their Enablers, All Part Of The Maskerade The Big Pharma Scamsters And Their Enablers, All Part Of The Maskerade
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CDC study shows 74% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were fully vaccinated:

More Insanity: Goofy Surgeon General Vivek Murthy Says Vaccinated People Need to Wear Masks to Protect Unvaccinated People:

Fauci rejects idea that wearing or not wearing face mask is a matter of personal liberty: 'I disagree':

Horowitz: 6 times the media credited masks with stopping a pandemic that then spread even more:

1.6 Billion Disposable Masks Wound Up in the Ocean in 2020 and Will Take 450 Years to Biodegrade:

Chuck Schumer Says Climate Crisis Will Be Worse Than COVID Unless Dems Pass Infrastructure Bill (VIDEO):

Doses of vaccines for US children from birth to 6 years:

Video: President of Mexico speaks out against Big Pharma:

Alberta downgrades China Virus to common flu status, quarantines no longer mandatory:

Long Covid May Qualify as Disability, Biden Administration Says:

What we know about the Delta variant:

CDC Busted - guy trying to find out if he can get tested for the Delta variant:

"People are being diagnosed with delta variant" even though "there is no delta variant test.":

Treasury Dept to invoke ‘extraordinary measures’ as Congress misses debt-ceiling deadline:

There’s an unemployment cliff coming. More than 7.5 million may fall off:

A historic eviction crisis could be coming to the U.S. in days, this housing expert warns:

New pig law could cut off nearly all of California's pork supply, bacon prices would skyrocket:

German law allowing institutional funds to hold crypto comes into effect Aug. 2:

New Infrastructure Bill Looks to Raise $30B Through Crypto Taxes:

EU to tighten regulations on bitcoin transfers:

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