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Bill Cooper Is Dead, Cowards (But I'm Not, Yet...) Bill Cooper Is Dead, Cowards (But I'm Not, Yet...)

Bill Cooper Is Dead, Cowards (But I'm Not, Yet...)

1 year
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Debunk Me, Crickets (This is one of my older "My Takes")

I'm not talking about the real truthers in this video I'm talking about you fake truthers out there. I know you're listening, I'm going the break your logic and "wisdom" down (in detail) for all of these people to see. Why don't you guys learn how to speak for yourselves? You gotta use other peoples work without making your own talking points? You're acting like I'm a cop and I just told you that you have the right to remain silent. Yet, I'm begging you to speak...

Now, below we have some videos I want you to check out that claim to expose Cooper...

William Cooper Lost tapes hour of the time (Description says) Alex Jones not a liar ...the Lost Bill cooper tapes .  I dont cre to post these truther trasher videos but youtube is flooded with Bill Cooper debunks this person that person.  People are posting vids equating Cooper to Christ.  He's basically being used as a tool by zealot fundamentalists who seem to have a probem with the truth movement as a whole:

(Maybe people are saying "Bill Cooper debunks this person that person", because he did. Who hasn't he debunked? Dude debunked NASA!) Next...

Alex Jones exposes BILL COOPER (Description says): Idiot conspiracy dorks have raised Bill Cooper to God like status via propaganda and they use the paranoid possible cia disnfo agent to wrek the freedom movement:Â

And now you all have my take on these videos above. Why are all of my comment boxes clear of you guys and your lies? LOL! Check it out, y'all. They went from "exposing Bill Cooper" to a bunch of comment box crickets that ain't got nothin to say...

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