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This Is Hideous, Horrific, And Happening - SOS Canadians and Americans

3 years 776 Views
Isolation rooms being built at Trudeau's buddy SNC-Lavalin for when we are "extracted" from our homes. Theresa Tam's plan for us as stated in 2010. ;amp;t=159s
BIRDS ATTACK 5G towers :

Alberta's "Onyx" is also building isolation rooms for when we are "extracted and put in isolation"
Planned lock down in the fall. Our government has been hijacked by the elites for depopulation.

Must watch entirety of : ;amp;v=kph78qL1G2Q&feature=emb_logo to understand.
Onyx :
Read Dr.Braun Hooker CDC whistleblower and David Lewis's "Science for Sale"
GO straight to 13:20 at. ;amp;feature=share why Covid test is a fraud. ;amp;feature=share Must watch for reality check. Planned population for 2025. Do not buy into the excuse it's because of economic collapse....And how would they know there would be economic collapse anyways if it wasn't planned?
Did I forget anything?
Please help me to fund the booklet I am sending to ALL of our MLA's that we know all about these dangerous vaccines/HCQ and fake pandemic. . With postal cost total is $3,000. I've raised $1,000 so far.
When I get censored off of YouTube I am at bitchute too : ;amp;v=kph78qL1G2Q&feature=emb_logo