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Infinite Plane Saturday 9/11/21, Happy Hoaxiversery

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Infinite Plane Saturday 9/11/21, Happy Hoaxiversery

From The Desk Of Tim Ozman 9.11.21
9/11/21, Happy Hoaxiversery

Good Evening:

Today I re-examined the theatre of 9/11/01, predictive programming, and how it fits into the big picture. Dubya came out to compare the Capitol Riot to 9/11/01, correlating the right-wing to the attackers of twenty years ago. I was also listening to some vintage Sean Hannity and his coverage of 9/11/01. The callers were well too informed to be casual witnesses, not to mention they were clearly rehearsed.
On the topic of Q:
Marilyn Monroe was assassinated because she knew UFO secrets that President John F.Kennedy according to credible online rumors. My interest in the topic lies in that JFK is believe to be alive by Qanoners. Moreover, it is widely speculated in these circles that Marylin Monroe is the mother of General Patton, who may be Donald Trump's father. The takeaway here is that the Q-ocalypse happens when JFK comes back with a Public Service Broadcast and the release of suppressed UFO technologies. (By the way, JFK is believed to be alive, and to be Q himself).
On IPR today, we discussed the possibility that Issac Kappy's death was staged and fake and we covered other notable likely death fakers, such as Michael Jackson, John Denver, Princess Di, and JFK Jr..
On a related note, while not a death faker, Madonna may be a death evader; Madonna has either been replaced or upped her Adrenochrome dosage. Trump too, now that I think about it, appears to have traveled back in time.
I was comparing inflatable tanks to empty hospitals and how the world stage has always been beguiled by dummies and scared by phantoms. People not terrified of the variant of the week are still triggered by the mandatory vax and vax-port possibilities. I refuse to take these seriously as impediments. The world stage is a world of illusion and always has been. My only question is: does the illusion eventually fall to be replaced by a harsher or better reality, or is deception the modus operandi of world government and the monolithic media?
I'm open to the possibility that reality gets increasingly faker, more immersed in simulation for those that choose that route, while the refuseniks are eliminated by attrition. Perhaps mass shadowbanning or a future Internet Lockdown could be used to effectively segregate the believers from the perceivers. I'm still expecting Chinese troops with blue U.N. helmets to go door-to-door collecting Q's off all keyboards, and probably question marks too.
Stay tuned. If you want live notifications, sign up at Infiniteplane.Media. Thanks for the support, comments, and for taking part in the think tank research.

Tim Ozman,
IPR, Host

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