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There is no point complaining about censorship, here's WHY

2 years 77 Views
There used to be a discord server for people who do not believe in [redacted], and think the entire [redacted] is a load of [redacted]. it was called the fakeologist discord server. They would have group calls every week, it was usually a lot of fun to participate in, or just listen (they would release a few hours of calls every week as podcasts for people to listen to in mp3 format).

Sometimes it is nice to chat with and listen other folks who haven't yet fallen for the scam that is [redacted].

About two days ago, their discord server was kyboshed by discord for 'spreading misinformation'. This led to a lot of 'disgust' and anger from some of the regulars on that server. Ab, the CEO of fakeologist, tried to explain to the others that there is no point complaining, because discord is a private company, and we are all just guests on their service, so they can kybosh entire server whenever they want.

Good news: the NEW fakeologist discord server can be found here:

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