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Whistleblower!Teachers Will Have To Teach VAGZEEN Classes -Aug 22

3 years 795 Views
Unethical Corruption behind parents backs. 2020 agenda aimed at our precious children!
Teacher tells all....And she ain't happy :(

Vagzeeen research complaint line ***PLEASE CALL TO COMPLAIN AS A PARENT OR AUNTIE OR GRAMPA ETC...604 822 8598 STUDY # H20-01820
TOLL FREE 1 877 822 8598 STUDY NUMBER H20-01820
Lobby Group Name at the top of this chain is called.
Email complaints !!! The teachers need your help!!! ;amp;feature=share -lots of information about VAGZINNNN injury -Canada.
I am picking up the big booklets of information from the printers today I made for the MLA's informing 88 MLA's of the risks of VAGZEENS; The HCQ cover up; The statistics of KRONA and the lockdown being ridiculous. All articles in this booklet were written by doctors, scientists, virologist, etc...
The cost of printing and mailing them comes to almost $3,000. I am mailing them in the expensive way where they have to sign for it so they cannot say they didn't get it.

I have raised half of the $3,000 :)
If you would like to participate in my plumfund (5 bucks?) for these booklets please go to:
I showed my MLA books in a previous episode so you know it's legit :)