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What if Viruses Don’t Even Exist?!

3 years 180 Views
When I discovered there was a competing theory to ‘The Germ Theory’ (invading viruses) called ‘The Terrain Theory’ (cleansing exozomes), I became intrigued.

In the spirit of engaging critical thought, watch this brief video and let me know in the comments if, like me, this competing theory “rings true.”

I’ve arrived at the conclusion that what “medical science” refers to as externally caught viruses are actually internally manifested exosomes...literal cleansing heroes of the immune system.

The “flu” is merely the good guys (exosomes) cleansing your body of of the bad guys (toxins)...they enter an infected cell, kidnap the toxins taking them hostage and then call on the rest of the body to evacuate both toxin and exosome from the body through vomiting, sweaty fever and diarrhea.

This rescue mission is typically seasonal...thus, the flu season.

The medical mafia will never admit to such...way more money to be made from vaccines, drugs and the medical system (syndicate).

That’s my take...I could be wrong.

This notion just rings true to me. That’s all.

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