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FakeOTube (non) Chat with John le Bon

3 years 490 Views
Hey, things happen. JLB had a last-minute conflict and couldn’t make the show. No worries...we’re easy here in Uncle Odd Land. We will reschedule; no harm, no foul.

Actually, it ended up being just fine as it provided Ab the Fakeologist and I the opportunity to “do” our show as we originally int need to do it sans guests. I think you’ll dig it. Lots of great information exchanged on this boogie-virus fauxdemic that may prove helpful with waking people up.

Maybe not.

Regardless, if you’re reading this...we’re glad you’re here and hope you subscribe and hit that notification button so you can be informed when we begin our live-streams. We’re going to do more live-streams more frequently...we just don’t know when.


Uncle Odd