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Vaxx Kills 3 Doctors - Coverup or Elaborate Deep State Psy-op?

1 year 2.9K Views
Reports are surfacing that three doctors from the same hospital have died after receiving their mandated Covid Vaccine Booster shot. As usual we see a total information blackout by the media, corporate and political class. Even family, friends and co-workers participate in the shameful silence and active coverup of the massive numbers of deaths directly from the so called "vaccine". Getting confirmation on this story has been impossible because of this wall of silence and complicity by the official organs and those family members who go along with the lie presumably because they are in fear or have been offered some payout to pretend that the Vaccine didn't kill their loved ones. So this story may be an elaborate set up designed to discredit those who report on it. It wouldn't change anything in the minds of the awake. We know how this game of their works, but if this story was a hoax it would be yet another trick that the Jewish banking cartels (who are ones that are ultimately behind all of this crimes against humanity) would use to further obliterate the judgement and critical faculties of those poor gullible souls who still believe the "news". (full resolution video for downloading can be found on Harry Vox odysee channel)