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The Obsolete Man (The Twilight Zone) The Obsolete Man (The Twilight Zone)

The Obsolete Man (The Twilight Zone)

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This is an episode about a man that is no longer wanted by society. He has been determined to be obsolete.
When I think of what they have done the the elderly in rest homes and in general I wonder if they are working towards no longer wanting or needing humans.
This is a great episode that makes you think about what they are doing to humans now. Will we live to see something similar to this? Are we now seeing a form of this? Here is some information on the show:
The Twilight Zone : Season 2 Episode 29 .
In a futuristic totalitarian world, meek and mild-mannered librarian Romney Wordsworth finds himself on trial for being obsolete. This future society has decided on everything people need to know.
There is no God and there are no books. Society doesn't need librarians. Romney makes an impassioned plea about his rights and free will but the judge in the case, the Chancellor, will have nothing of it.
The jury finds Romney obsolete and orders him to be executed. As he can choose the method of his death, Romney's plans include a little surprise for the Chancellor.
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