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Aids And Abet: The Truth About AIDS

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‘Aids and Abet: The Truth About AIDS’ is a lengthy documentary that unveils the crimes and frauds that were committed by the medical establishment, completely disproves the ‘HIV=AIDS’ model, and conveys the truth regarding the real reason why people developed the symptoms that are commonly associated with ‘AIDS.’
‘Aids and Abet: The Truth About AIDS’ is part of our new series - The Real Cause Of Disease - RealEyesation Specials. Obscurations of modern vested interests have mislead the world into believing the lies that pertain to the causes of disease. The real causes however, do not relate to any foreign invaders, as the Germ Theory has postulated for a great many years. In this series we will go through each and every commonly known disease and we will unravel the truth that lies beneath the consensual narrative. Whereby you will be able to apply the principle of Ockham’s Razor, and understand the truth for yourself.
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