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The Milgram Experiment Was A Hoax With Russ Winter

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The Milgram Experiment has often been cited as the tabula rasa for mind control, happening in the wake of WWII and the Holocaust, during the same time as Adolph Eichman's war crimes trial in Israel. The experiment was based on how humans, through the coercion of authority are capable of being co-conspirators in committing crimes against humanity. Milgram and other successive social experiments that followed in it's wake were used to explain how millions of Germans could willfully participate in the holocaust under the pressure of authority.

Russ Winter, the creator of looked into the shaky foundation of Milgram and other experiments seem to have been created by actors playing roles and salesmen, selling a subverted tale about humanity.

We get into this and much more on this version of The FARcast.

To view Russ's original article. go here: