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Interview: Nidhi Seth, Censorship & Canadian Medical Abuse

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In this fascinating tell-all interview with Nidhi Seth, we learn her life story and cover her knowledge of medical school, mandates, abortion, censorship, fresh starts and in-between jobs. We discuss her path in becoming a doula, how she took personal responsibility, and what she has experienced with trauma, the birthing medical field and the corruption and abuse within it—particularly over the past few years.

Nidhi is a doula in the GTA who was recently censored on Instagram for speaking the truth about the abuse, corruption, misconceptions, and overreach in the birthing medical community. She is an inspiration for free speech and standing up for what you believe in. Be inspired by her wisdom and experience!

You can find her again at:

She hopes to regain her old account here:

Also, visit her TikTok: @doulagoddess

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