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David Ray Griffin on the 9/11 Cell Phone Calls: Exclusive CBC Interview

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CBC The Fifth Estate - The Unofficial Story
Exclusive Video Interview: David Ray Griffin

Phone Calls from the 9/11 Airliners:
Response to Questions Evoked by My Fifth Estate Interview
by Prof David Ray Griffin
Global Research, January 12, 2010 ;aid=16924

A professor emeritus of Philosophy of Religion and Theology at the Clarement School of Theology in California for 30 years , David Ray Griffin has today, through his books and lectures, become better known as one of the leading voices of the "9/11 Truth Movement." Through his investigation and analysis of the fall of the Twin Towers and mysterious collapse of World Trade Centre 7, the attack on the Pentagon and the final 9/11 Commission Report, Griffin continues to raise provocative questions about the inconsistencies and contradictions of the official version of the events of September 11, 2001.

CBC - The Fifth Estate - The Unofficial Story #p/c/ED2296DA4AB853A7/0/TkYlbpS-vVI

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