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EPIC CASH Update + 1000 Coin Giveaway w/ Max Freeman and Uncle Vigilante LIVE

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The details of the giveaway will be announced during the show. The only prerequisite is you need to be on telegram which is free and can be accessed at
Brief Intro To Epic Cash:

Problems, meet SOLUTIONS ๐Ÿ‘‰ “An amazing project utilizing the Mimblewimble protocol in its full capacity is EPIC Cash. EPIC aims to fulfil Satoshi’s original vision of creating a pure, decentralised, trustless, peer-to-peer payment system, and thanks to Mimblewimble and proprietary technology, EPIC Cash resolves Bitcoin’s shortfalls regarding mining centralisation, privacy, scalability, and fungibility.

The EPIC Cash community has created not just what they consider to be a better version of Bitcoin, but are building an entire financial system from the ground up, looking to disrupt and replace the corrupt system we have today. You can learn more about this ambitious project within EPIC Cash’s Telegram lobby at” — Taylor McCracken, Author, CoinBureau

Helpful Educational Links Re: Epic Cash

Decentralized Private Currency: (CryptoCoinShow Interview Epic Cash Founder Max Freeman): ;

The 3 Most IMPORTANT Documents For Any Epic Cash Curious Person To Review!

1. There’s A Financial Storm Coming!

2. Financial Freedom For The Masses

3. ECR Introduction

Epicenter Ecosystem:

How To Use Epic Pay Mobile Wallet

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