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Now You Can Live Deepfake Anyone

Now You Can Live Deepfake Anyone Now You Can Live Deepfake Anyone
1 month 71 Views
Deepfakes are becoming increasingly more common and easy to create. The line between deepfake and face-swap technology has been blurred, allowing for simultaneous use of each techniques during live performances. This opens the door to real-time deepfakes and a new era of synthetic media.

Check out @CtrlShiftFace and the incredible deepfake content they produce.


0:00 - Introduction
0:17 - Metaphysic AI
0:45 - Respeecher Audio Deepfakes
1:00 - Metaphysic and Respeecher Deepfake Elvis Presley
1:35 - Deepfakes vs Faceswap
2:38 - How Metaphysic Used Deepfake and Faceswap Together
3:22 - How Deepfakes Can Be Used for Good
5:24 - Dangers of Deepfake
7:18 - How to Detect Deepfakes
8:49 - Future of Deepfakes
9:44 - Conclusion