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What is a Woman: Wrong Answers Only

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The timeless question of What is a Woman has eluded men for centuries. Listening to some of the leading thinkers and brave gender pioneers of today, we hope to finally get to the bottom of one of life's greatest mysteries.

Blurb: "What Is a Woman? Wrong Answers Only links men buying and selling womanhood to how the pornography of everyday life deprives women of dignity. Whether we look at the manufacture of what Jennifer Bilek calls ‘synthetic sex identities’ or the manufacture of sex dolls and robots, the ‘response-ability’ of men has been rendered invisibile. Naturally, it seems radical to name a broken reality, one assumed to be ‘right’ and ‘normal,’ for its wrongs—and how it breaks humanity.” - Donovan Cleckley

Narration: “Some trans-identified men view the state of being a woman through colonizers’ eyes. A hero’s journey is a universally romanticized trope. Men conquered the Earth, explore the universe. Womanhood is the final frontier that men can’t explore firsthand. It frustrates, wounds the pride of many. These trans-identified men are driven to place their flag on womanhood, proving womanhood is wasted on its ‘inferior’ natives. Women aren’t humans, but savage terrain waiting to be navigated, broken in, dominated, explained and thus validated by men, the heroes, the humans of the narrative.” Diana Shaw

Autogynephilia, is a man’s love of oneself as a woman

“Autogynephilia exists at the intersection of autoeroticism, fetishism, and narcissism, a physiological and psychological condition specific to male sexual development that depends on men’s sexual objectification of women.” - Donovan Cleckley

“Forced feminization pornography is just another iteration of the eroticization of male power in that it centers the male ego and desires, while reinforcing the reductive male projection of women as sex objects.” - Genevieve Gluck

"Gender (identity) ideology represents the literal embodiment of male entitlement to women, and the sexualized power hierarchy that feminists once described as gender, or sex role stereotypes. This eroticization of power and powerlessness has the effect of naturalizing women’s subordinate role in society. When men perform a parody of femininity and claim this farce is what women truly are, they are fundamentally deconstructing women’s humanity, reducing half the human population to a demeaning and objectified fantasy; but crucially, they are redirecting women back to the restrictive roles that afforded them power over the female sex in the first place." - Genevieve Gluck

"Men devise the projected notions of femininity, impose them upon women by coercion, sometimes by force, then assert that women are inherently male projections." -Genevieve Gluck

"The belief that womanhood can be attained through a combination of desire re-framed as devout suffering, alongside the purchasing of products — clothing, cosmetics, surgeries — is, at its core, a belief that women are commodities which men are entitled to possess. It is a belief system that attempts to define women as fetish objects and reduces women to the Freudian castrated male." - Genevieve Gluck

"The male claim to a female identity is, in itself, a fetishization of women’s systemic subordination."-Genevieve Gluck ttps://

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