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Why The Delusion Cannot End - Dr Tim O'Shea

Why The Delusion Cannot End - Dr Tim O'Shea Why The Delusion Cannot End - Dr Tim O'Shea
2 years 188 Views
No disease in history has gone on for this long, completely unchanged. It's immunologically impossible. COVID defies the universal scientific principle of Herd Immunity: our ability to adapt to any biological menace. The only explanation then is that it must be contrived. Managed. Which can only mean -- Manmade. There's no such thing as a permanent disease threat.
In this video we will take a quick look at the political maneuvering required to maintain a false epidemic, and the 4 groups who directly benefit from its perpetuation.
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Errata: It wasn't James who was king of England in the 1770s. It was George III. But George was even less likely to cave!

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