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Start A Conversation This Holiday

4 months 94 Views
In my studio I have had the opportunity to discuss these past four years with a fair number of people who were not always open to the possibility of anything other than the mainstream narrative.

While it is frustrating (very often times, extremely so) to try and help people see what has been done, I have come to the conclusion that if we don’t find a way, then there will be no way forward. Although it is easy to find fault in other people’s choices, and it’s also easy to feel angry, I find that most people were, and are, largely unaware.

Unconsciously incompetent….Unaware that they don’t know what they don’t know.

I realize I will very likely experience some pushback from this. If you’ve been here for any amount of time, you know that I have struggled with my own feelings of anger, frustration, and betrayal. I continue to struggle… to find balance between calling attention to the evils happening, and contributing energy toward finding our way out.

I do believe that for the most part, everybody is doing the best they can at any given moment, with some obvious exceptions of course. There are PLENTY of people that know what’s going on. They choose to call out Pfizer and Fauci and the FDA, rather than using their voices to call attention to our government’s calculated organization of a structural framework, allowing fraud to happen in plain sight; within the boundaries of the law.

It has become crystal clear to me that the politicians and government officials, who are “supposed” to be the ones protecting the constituents, are not only not interested in that…they are quite actively interested in other goals, which do not concern our well being at all.

As I see it, the only way “out”of this, is if regular people begin to truly understand what has happened and is happening.

And I can tell you from my experience in my studio…that most have absolutely NO IDEA. They don’t know that excess mortality is off the charts. They don’t know about plasmids and that the SV40 cancer promoter has not only been found, but repeatedly found. They don’t know that clinical trials didn’t happen. They don’t know that they participated in a demonstration.

And they most certainly do not know ANYTHING about the legal prison that has been building around us for many decades now. Because almost NOBODY is talking about it. Not the “Medical Freedom Movement”, not the “Intellectual Dark Web”, not CHD, and certainly not the mainstream media.

Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Relating to our current situation, everybody is battling an unseen and unknown amount of propaganda and brainwashing, that is unique to their own experience, and we know nothing about it.

The societal structures were put in place to disorient our most basic human instincts. The pharmaceutical industrial complex was waiting with open arms to welcome the traumatized souls. The media amplified everything and perpetuated whatever was necessary to land us where we needed to be. For this.

We cannot assume that we know anyone else’s experience, and how they came to believe what they believed…under unprecedented duress over the past four years.

Make no mistake, this is not a plea for amnesty. This is an effort to provide a tool for conversations that need to be had…that must be had… if we have any hope for change. As long as our “thought leaders” and politicians continue to intentionally perpetuate delusions of achievable justice under the current conditions, it is a futile venture to place any confidence in their smoke and mirrors and empty promises.

I made this video ahead of the holidays, in hopes that there will be more opportunity for reasonable discussion, now that we are 4 years into this.

If you’re reading this stack, I imagine that what I am presenting in this video is nothing new. You’ve very likely been wrestling with all of the fuckery for quite some time. Many have not. I know this to be absolutely true.

Bringing someone up to speed is A LOT.

I have tried to make a historically accurate, moderately entertaining map of how we got here. It is certainly not a complete picture, but in my observation, there is just too much to cover at once. A sponge can only hold so much water…

This is meant to be a shareable primer for anyone that is opening up to a larger conversation. Because if we don’t have these grassroots conversations, I am not confident that they will ever be had. And if they don’t happen, we can be quite certain that exactly nothing will change.

The evil ones happily tested their cancer shots on uninformed, unwilling, innocent people. They did that back in the 50’s. And they’ve done it again. This time they have the Brighter Future mRNA ready to go. To cure all that cancer that they just gave the world. They aren’t stopping…and most people have absolutely no idea.

Use your voice. Speak up.

I hope this helps.

Please share.