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Why the Jews Are Not God's Chosen People (2024)

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#christianity #jesus #bible

In an age where rhetoric and emotions determine people’s beliefs, one of the most counter-cultural things you can do is to objectively look at the evidence regardless of how it makes you feel. It is also important to remember that things are often not what they seem, that history is not what you’ve been told and that the truth will always be hated by the world.

With the advent of bloody conflict in the Middle East, many are beginning to question the paradigm they have been told by the media and their pastors. Many more have yet to begin this questioning process. Today you will learn the truth about God’s chosen people — who they are and who they aren’t — with scripture and history as your guide on an adventure through time.

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00:00 - Introduction
02:03 - Problems with the Term "Jew"
05:18 - Edom & Israel
08:39 - The Conversion of Edom
12:44 - History After 70 AD
14:20 - The Meaning & Origin "Antisemitic"
21:24 - The State of Israel
30:46 - Abraham’s Land Promises (~2100 BC)
33:22 - Daniel's 70 Weeks (~538 BC)
36:24 - The Woman in Revelation 12 (~95 AD)
38:11 - The Babylonian Talmud (~500 AD)
40:00 - Why Was Israel Chosen in the First Place?
45:14 - Rabbinic Judaism vs. The Hebrew Scriptures
59:19 - Today's Jews vs. Biblical Israel
1:08:52 - The Israel of God
1:17:19 - The Real Replacement Theology
1:20:21 - Epilogue