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Katherine Watt - killbox and other laws

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Katherine Watt earned a philosophy and natural sciences degree from Penn State in 1996 and then worked as a reporter for small newspapers.Show more
In 2003 she earned a paralegal certificate and has provided legal research and writing for small firms practicing constitutional, civil rights and environmental law. She also published several independent journalism blogs and worked on local food, water and energy security campaigns.
She founded Bailiwick News in 2016.
Since early 2020, Katherine has focused on Covid-19 issues, including legal framework investigations. She is married with two children, and lives and works in Pennsylvania.
In this episode, we discuss the following:
- Katherine was watching the Covid19 related legal cases in 2020. She tells us what she observed, and why it got her interested in what was going on in the US in the legal system at that time. She tells us about the Butler vs Wolf case in Pennsylvania, May 2020. A challenge to the executive orders. The first judge struck down the executive orders but 3 weeks later, the third circuit of appeals reversed that first decision.
- What is communitarian law. It is difficult to find any information on it. Katherine explains that it goes back to the 1950’s and its centralizing things, on the pretext that its on behalf of the community for the common good. A good resource is Niki Raapana. See References.
It’s just legal mechanisms put together by globalists and inserted in the EU treaty documents, and the NAFTA and CAFTA agreements of the United States.
- We discuss what is the International Health Regulations (IHR) of 2005, and why it matters in the context of the last 4 years.
Katherine tells us that the IHR go back to the 1800s, they were called sanitary regulations, but were later renamed. It is now a legally binding agreement of 196 countries. Katherine tells us it is a workaround because they want a one world government. Countries are obligated under the terms of the treaty to enact local domestic laws, enforced by the military and law enforcement in each country. The countries had to put in domestic laws to comply with the standards in the IHR 2005 amendments, around travel, quarantine, vaccination, surveillance etc.
- Katherine has written an article called “The legal walls of the Covid-19 Kill Box.” See References below. The Kill Box is a military term. When Katherine noticed that the rollout of the pandemic was global and looked the same everywhere, she realised the kill box they have set up is the whole world and everybody is in it.
- We discuss the 2 most important acts, the 2004 Project Bioshield Act and the 2005 PREP Act. If these 2 were repealed (with the sections of the US code that they put in place), the liability exemptions would be stripped away and the suspension on the regulations on drugs and biologics would be stripped away, and we would be back to where things were, prior to 2004.
- The 2005 PREP Act, meant that everyone in the supply chain and the development chain was not liable for harms caused by the products. We discuss who designed this Act and who understood the ramifications of it. The President (George W. Bush) signed it and his advisors would have understood the ramifications. The legal scholars, Lawrence Gostin and James Hodge did a lot of drafting for this act and others. They would understand the ramifications. (See references).
- We discuss who are the main architects of this attempted population reduction. Katherine does not now their names, they remain hidden. But she believes it is the families who own the bank for international settlement and the families who own the federal central banks in each country.
- We discuss the legal code that affected Current Good Manufacturing Practise. 21 USC 360bbb-3a(c)
- Katherine tells us of a legal code change that occurred on April 2, 2019 that she has only recently discovered in Title 21 - Food and Drugs (Food Drug and Cosmetics Act, 1938), Part 600, subpart c, where all the 8 inspection duties that FDA inspectors were supposed to do were deleted by the FDA commissioner, Scott Gotlieb. This is for Biologics (which includes vaccines) and is relevant regardless if there is a public health emergency or not. (See References).
- Katherine tells us they wanted to turn the manufacturing plants into completely closed black box military production facilities.
- We discuss what we can do? Katherine has written a document that is a draft repeal act to get those 2 main acts (the Project Bioshield act and the PREP act) and 5 other acts repealed. She is suggesting that Americans send this to their member of congress or senators. See the Reference section.
- What is the Global Health Security and International Pandemic, Prevention ,Preparedness and Response Act?
- We discussed if Katherine had seen any indication that the USA had any influence over the EMA regarding approval of the Pfizer vaccine. Katherine hadn’t but she had seen MRAs between Europe and the USA.
"The European Union (EU) has signed mutual recognition agreements (MRAs) with third-country authorities concerning the conformity assessment of regulated products. Such agreements contain a sectoral annex on the mutual recognition of good manufacturing practice (GMP) inspections and batch certification of human and veterinary medicines.” See References.
-Katherine returned to her Catholic faith a few years ago and she tells us about that and the strength God gives her.
Note A Correction/clarification -
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation does not, that I know of, have legal immunities under the IOIA and related laws.
However, GAVI Alliance under UNICEF does have special status as an "international institution" under Swiss law since 2009. GAVI was set up by BMGF in 1999 with a $750 million pledge, funding now up to $4 billion. BMGF has a "permanent seat on the board" and BMGF serves as a "key Gavi partner in vaccine market shaping,"
Websites/articles referenced in the Interview;
- Nicki Raapana, “Communitarian Law and European Community Law : Individual & National Sovereignty versus the Collective Good”
- WHO IHR, 2005 - "Adjustment of domestic legislative and administrative arrangement"
- Katherine Watt, “The legal walls of the Covid-19 Kill Box”
- Lawrence O. Gostin (legal scholar)
- James G. Hodge ( legal scholar)
- Examples of Gostin’s and Hodge's work:
Dec. 21, 2001 - The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act
Aug. 20, 2003 - The Model State Public Health Act: A Tool for Reforming Public Health Laws
- Senator Richard Burr, R-North Carolina, 2005-2023; House of Representatives 1995-2005
Example: chaired Senate subcommittee on bioterrorism and public health, 109th Congress (Jan. 2005 to Jan 2007), which (under staff director Robert Kadlec), drafted the Pandemic and All-Hazard Preparedness Act (enacted Dec. 16, 2006), which -- among other programs -- established BARDA - Biodefense Advanced Research and Development Authority, within HHS.
- 21 USC 360bbb-3a(c) Current good manufacturing practice
"(1) In general. The Secretary may, when the circumstances of a domestic, military, or public health emergency or material threat described in subsection (a)(1)(C) so warrant, authorize, with respect to an eligible product, deviations from current good manufacturing practice requirements otherwise applicable to the manufacture, processing, packing, or holding of products subject to regulation...
(2) Effect. Notwithstanding any other eligible product shall not be considered an unapproved product ... and shall not be deemed adulterated or misbranded under this chapter because, with respect to such product, the Secretary has authorized deviations from current good manufacturing practices..."
- The changes to title 21. Part 600. Subpart c. (FDA inspection duties)
- Katherine Watt, “Draft Congressional repeal act”
- Mutual Recognition Agreements - EMA Show less