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Palestine Pixels

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You may contribute to the labours of content creation and subsequent growth for everyone who seeks to detach from the psychology of systemic deception. Contributions to the cause would help offset the toil, time and effort spent researching as close to the bone as possible as well as aiding ongoing live-streaming improvements. The gesture would be greatly appreciated....

A very warm welcome to Council of Nice Ears

This channel is dedicated to all the precious souls who’ve helped initiate the walking of a narrow journey path, one of growth and learning from the illusory system’s stimulations and life's profound inspirations.

The content here is predominantly related to a variety of taboo subjects including but not limited to:

* Hidden history
* Organised religion
* The occult
* Race
* Symbolism
* The 20th century
* Movie codes
* Health protocols
* Science and alchemy
* Politricks and current affairs
* Ancient civilisations and anthropology
* Language and etymology
* Historical figures

I trust you'll find the content at Council of Nice Ears informative and productive. Please don't hesitate to provide feedback, recommndations for improvement and the share of content associated information at Alternatively you may also correspond on Telegram by locating @Council_of_Nice_Ears on a global search.

Much love and gratitude for your valuable participation and contribution!

This channel is for educational purposes only!


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