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⚔️ Christopher James ⚔️ One TRUTH will set you FREE!

⚔️ Christopher James ⚔️ One TRUTH will set you FREE! ⚔️ Christopher James ⚔️ One TRUTH will set you FREE!
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Christopher James is indeed a warrior. One battling intelligently on the front line. Some people talk, some people bitch...others take action. Christopher James is the tip of the spear on that front.

It doesn’t matter what country you’re in, this co tent is for you. We all have lots of catching up to do...but by the grace of God, we’ll find our way which begins at answering one fundamental question:


👉 Hit subscribe while you still can...hit notifications...share this video with others. Uncle Odd sifts through the muck of media fakery to bring you the golden nuggets of truth that might flip the truth switch on within others...and help BREAK THE SPELL currently cast on this brainwashed world.

Remember, “conspiracy” is nothing more than simply figuring out who and what is causing what you are seeing right in front of you.

This channel is a public service, as the standard mask-wearer’s ability to detect media fakery is roughly equivalent to a toddler's ability to grasp that the creepy man with the windowless van offering him candy and a puppy does not have his best interests at heart.

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