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SEPTEMBER CLUES 9/11 by Simon Shack

4 years 53.2K Views
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This is my original SEPTEMBER CLUES research documentary, first published in 2008. Ten years later, on March 4, 2018, my original "simonshack" YT channel was terminated - no reason given*. My channel contained more than 20 videos exposing the fake imagery shown on TV on September 11, 2001. As my YT channel was inexplicably shut down, SEPTEMBER CLUES had nearly 1 million views.

To view ALL of my 9/11 research videos, please go to:

My website:
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Over the years, a lot more has been uncovered in relation to our rogue governments' silly deceptions and fear-mongering antics. For more (still uncensored) information about the 9/11 media hoax (and much more), please go to - or to

Thanks for watching - and for realizing that we simply cannot trust anything that is aired on TV.
We are all being taken for a ride. Practically ALL "terror attacks" we hear of - are fake /staged.

May reason prevail

Simon Shack

*Read about the suspension of my original YT channel here: ;t=358&start=60