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Far From This World

2 years 591 Views
Maybe they’re right
Maybe there is something wrong with me
I just don’t see how a government that wants to keep me safe could be bad

Look at my pass
Isn’t it neat
Hope it’ll make my vaccinations complete
Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl
The girl that fears, everything

Do as I’m told
Dignity's sold
How many boosters can one body hold
Looking at my face you’d think
Sure, she’s got Bell’s Palsy

I’ve got Pfizer, Moderna and AZ
I’ve got Johnson and Johnson galore
You need proof for a job? I’ve got 120
But who cares
No big deal
They’ll want more

I don’t wanna be, where the sheeple are
I wanna see my friends without masking
Walking around with those, what do you call them?
Oh yeah, teeth

Trusting the experts you won’t get you far
Shots are required for hugging, laughing
Limit of 5 when we, what’s the word again?

Can’t board a ship or take a trip
Soon you’ll need proof of vax to take a shit
Out of the C
Wish I could flee
Far from this world

What would I give, if they let me live Without these measures
What would I pay to spend a day without clean hands
They’ll take your land
Hope you understand
That they will, come for your own daughters
Fuck your feelings, tired of kneeling
Ready to stand

I’m ready to know, about the NWO
Usine my iPhone to seek out answers
What’s in the vaccine and why does it

When will they learn
Wouldn’t I love, love for the world to rise up above
Out of the C
Wish I could flee
Far from this world

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