Scripted sports:33 hoax code:Joe Theismann & Alex Smith Brok...

Scripted sports:33 hoax code:Joe Theismann & Alex Smith Broken Le...  

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Likes and comments are always appreciatedAs mentioned in the video, I made this because I found the coincidences surrounding Joe Theismann's and Alex Smith's gruesome leg injuries absolutely fascinating. Of course these are all just coincidental but when you hear every coincidence in a list like this it really makes you think.Joe Theismann - Nov. 18, 1985Alex Smith - Nov. 18, 2018-Theismann was at the game when Smith broke his leg-Both QB's were playing for the Redskins when their legs were broken-Both QB's broke their right tibia and fibula-Both breaks happened in Washington-Both games ended in the same score, 23-21-Both injuries happened near the 40 yard line-Lawrence Taylor and JJ Watt are the only two people to win defensive player of the year three times, Taylor tackled Theismann and Watt tackled Smith-Theismann’s Pro Bowl left tackle, Joe Jacoby, wasn’t on the field due to injury-Smith’s Pro Bowl left tackle, Trent Williams, wasn’t on the field due to injuryLess of a coincidence but still interesting:-Both quarterbacks were playing against red, white and blue jerseys.twitter:


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