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Epstein is a shell person

1 year 3K Views
In this episode Rambo and HV drill deep into the kernel of deception at the center of Ghislaine Maxwell & Jeffrey Epstein, shielding our eyes from the shell's blinding exterior--so bright and illustrious that no one would even think to question the hollowness within.

We slide headfirst into the deep recesses of the Uncanny Valley, only to find that this person does not exist (dot com) and that advanced technology isn't new, just new to us.

HV examines the incredulous irony of celebrating freedom & independence while locked inside a prison of our own making, and Rambo declares that "Pride goes before destruction" just as Pride Month comes to a close and CERN gets fired up for the third time.

And no show would be complete without a gentle reminder that Fear spreads faster than any virus and we are living in a world of pure imagination.